Car park

Chris Bennekerslaan 25-C, 3061EB Open 24/7

The Kralingen district of Rotterdam is famous for its lake and its forest, but that is not all the area has to offer. This car park is located in the centre of Kralingen near the shops, supermarkets and cafés in Lusthofstraat and De Oudedijk.

General information


€ 0.50 per 23 minutes

Maximum daily rate
€ 13.00

Opening hours

24 hours, 7 days a week

Payment methods

parking app pin mastercard visa amex cash


Wheelchair accessible Wheelchair accessible

First aid First aid

Camera surveillance Camera surveillance

Lift Lift


210 cm Vehicle clearance height

217 Parking spaces

Frequently asked questions

Where can I order car park exit tickets and parking vouchers?

Car park exit tickets and parking vouchers are prepaid parking cards that companies can purchase for their customers. These parking cards help offset the cost of parking in municipal car parks in Rotterdam. There are several kinds of exit tickets and parking vouchers: one-day exit tickets, 24-hour parking cards, vouchers worth a certain amount of money, vouchers valid for a certain period of time and evening parking cards. Car park exit tickets and parking vouchers are easy to order online through Mijn Loket on the website. To log in you will need your 'eHerkenning'. You can find more information at

Can I arrange cheap parking for my staff?

In addition to standard products, such as car park exit tickets, parking vouchers and parking subscriptions, custom solutions can also be arranged. To discuss the possibility of arranging cheap parking for staff, please contact

How does the online booking service work?

Our online booking service allows you to book and prepay for parking. At the moment this only possible in certain municipal car parks. The system recognises your licence plate number or a QR code and allows you to enter the car park. If you leave the municipal car park within the pre-booked parking period, you do not need to go to the payment machine first.  In addition to special rates during events, we also offer Parking Discount Vouchers. You can find details on the Save on parking page.

How do I arrange a parking subscription?

Anyone can apply for a parking subscription for our municipal car parks (this is not yet possible for our P&R car parks). The only condition is that there must be a space available. It is very easy to apply for a parking subscription through Mijn Loket on the website. All of the car parks listed on this website are managed or operated by the municipality.  To log in you will need a DigiD. You can find more information at
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