21 July 2017

New parking regulations in Rotterdam

Rotterdam has introduced new parking rates and updated the rules on parking permits, disabled parking and parking subscriptions.

On-street parking permits
If you have an on-street parking permit in an area with high parking demand, you can now purchase a parking permit for a municipal car park for €70.00 per month.

Disabled Parking Permits
If you have a European Disabled Parking Permit, you can apply for a city-wide parking permit. This will also allow you to park in municipal car parks for 4 hours free of charge.

Visitor and carer parking permits
Do you have a visitor or carer parking permit? From 1 April, instead of paying for part of a day, you pay €0.05 per 10 minutes, which works out cheaper. Carers are also allowed to park for twice as long.

Company parking subscriptions
If your company is based in the city centre and employ people from outside the city, for €30.00 per month you can purchase P&R and public transport season tickets for the Slinge, Kralingse Zoom and Alexander P&R car parks. It is also possible to arrange parking subscriptions for municipal car parks and purchase vouchers to help offset the cost of parking for your business associates.


To find out more about the new parking regulations, visit the Rotterdam.nl website.