Make use of our great offers

Parking at a P+R in the outskirts of the City or in a central municipal car park is so convenient! The locations are easy to find and the standard rate of € 2 per hour is unbeatable. However, the Municipality of Rotterdam wants to offer you even more. There are always great deals to be had, including special rates during events and other attractive offers.

Book the special discount vouchers online:

  • They always offer additional benefits, and are cheaper than the standard rate.
  • You can enter and exit more quickly using licence plate recognition (or a QR code)
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  • If you buy a ticket upfront, your licence plate will be recognised and you can just drive right in (don’t press the button, your card appears automatically!).
  • P+R is free of cost when you travel to the city with an OV-chip card (public transport card)